The Woodlands Christian Church

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Living in a Godless world takes its toll. Join us for Sunday worship service and Wednesday night house church, where we learn from the Bible and pray. Come and see what a difference The Woodlands Christian Church can make in your life.

Finding House Church

woodlands christian church

Celebrate with us the joy of opening the door to Christ. Wednesday night is Bible study night, which we call house church. To find a house church meeting in your neighborhood, contact us.

The Woodlands Christian Church

At The Woodlands Christian Church, we know the power of simple, effective church worship. If you step away from the fancy buildings, high budgets, and complicated programs that often accompany church, you find a clear and concise path to discipleship. This is what we are all about:

Are you looking for a return to simple Christianity?

A place where you can worship and express your faith in Jesus Christ? Join with us at The Woodlands Christian Church. We believe the Bible is God’s gift to the world. We enjoy studying the Bible together, learning from it, and applying the messages we learn there to our everyday lives. Our mission is to make disciples out of everyday people.

Bible Focused Worship

  • Sunday Gatherings at 10:00 am Weekly
  • House Church on Wednesdays 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm
  • Ministry Partnerships
  • Community Volunteer Projects
  • Multigenerational Church
  • Children Welcome (Free Children’s Class)
  • Students and Young Adults

Finding Your Ministry

At The Woodlands Christian Church, we encourage all believers to find their specific ministry. We encourage all to search out the needs of our community and find ways to fulfill these needs, either through individual or group ministry. This service uplifts our hearts and makes us into disciples of Jesus Christ.

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